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Start flooding social media with your brand!

Take control of your content plan and empower your brand with a targeted subscription package!

Our team will work with you to develop a marketing strategy that adheres to your target audience, objectives and goals to kick start a landslide of growth through the digital and social media landscape.

We have the expertise and in-house resources to provide an end to end solution for both your creative and marketing needs. Our team will provide guidance and relevant tools to laser target your marketing efforts.

Our subscription packages include one-on-one coaching, marketing strategy and of course beautifully engaging video content, to provide a successful marketing campaign that stands out from the crowd.


At Neon Black, we empower businesses with a targeted online presence and promote growth for the future. With our subscription packages, you'll be conveniently covered with fresh content and pay monthly to help manage pesky cashflow.



See our packages below.

Package One

Keepin' it local


+$299 set-up fee

6 x 30 sec videos

A perfect entry level package designed to get your social avalanche rolling! You’ll get a 30 second video each month for six months to keep your content fresh.

Ideal for Monthly product features, monthly hints & tips, pre-planned short announcements, event reminders, public holidays.

*Min cost 6x months = $3,293 + GST

All aboard the content ship!


+$299 set-up fee

1 x 60 sec video

Excellent value for those who are serious about growing their social influence. With a 60 second feature video to use on your social and web pages, 12x 30 second social videos (2 per month) you will have a tsunami of social content of high quality.

Ideal for Seasonal promotions, monthly maintenance advice, hints and tips,  half-yearly announcements, staff profiles.

12 x 30 sec videos

*Min cost 6x months = $6,293 + GST

Package Two

World Domination

Package Three


+$299 set-up fee

2 x 60 sec video

This package is designed for maximum social exposure, i.e world domination!
With a mountain of content you will have the option of creating interview based videos, alongside brand stories and product announcements. This is a must for larger businesses, schools, or those who want personalised, hand-crafted social media content.

Ideal for regular offers and updates, major event launches, new staff announcements, brand stories.

12 x 30 sec videos

30 x professional photos

*Min cost 6x months = $9,293 + GST

Compare our packages.

What's included?

Package One

Package Two

Package Three

NBP Welcome Pack

Motion graphics animation

Music licensing

60 sec feature videos

30 sec social videos

Professional photography

Audio on location

Shoot on location

Strategy & marketing advice

Monthly content plan

15 sec cut-down videos




Want bite-sized cut downs to really dominate social feeds?

Cut-down videos are available to add on to any package! Check out our full brochure below.

Want to see our full brochure of services?

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Yes! We can do custom packages.

We know your business is unique just like your target consumers. That's why we're always happy to design a custom plan to suit your marketing objectives and budget.
Contact our team and choose additional services including: social media management, campaign management, graphic design, video, photography, content creation, marketing and advertising.

So what comes next?

You've read this far so you're probably wondering what happens next when you click 'Subscribe Now'.



Once you've chosen a package, you'll be re-directed to a sign up page (no payment required) and our team will get in touch to organise a meeting to get to the nitty gritty of your marketing needs. If you need a hand deciding on a package, we can help with that too!



We'll set up your account and payment plan with a unique and exciting marketing strategy for your next 6 months of content!



Now this is the exciting part! Our creative crew will begin production and shoot on a location and time of your preference. This is the beginning of your social content snowballing!



Once we've created your mountain of engaging and marketable content, we'll then guide you through the publishing process. This one-on-one coaching ensures that your content hits all your objectives in the 6 month roll-out.


Why should I choose a subscription service?

Subscription services are the easiest way to make sure your brand is posting regularly and with professional, quality and engaging content.

Posting to social media regularly gives your brand a massive online presence and in 2020, you can't afford to miss out on the digital market - it's certainly not going anywhere!


Social media allows us to connect directly to consumers and other targeted audiences through finely tuned marketing and detailed post analytics that show you what your audience is reacting to best. It really is a remarkable new age of advertising - no TV, radio or billboard campaign could give you those accurate insights!

A subscription service takes the guess work out of marketing, saves you time and gives you a honest budget - you know exactly how much your spending every month.

Why would I choose video for my campaign?

Social media videos increase consumer conversion rates by 80% (Cisco) - yep... 80 percent!! That's an insane fact!

Social media has always been used to connect people with other people all around the world, and that is why so many businesses use these platforms to sell in a way that connects their brand with people directly.


Up from 63% last year, 81% of businesses have incorporated video into their marketing strategy and more than 83% of marketers attest that video content has the best ROI (HubSpot). Even Facebook has reported that over 62% of their users claim they were more interested in a product after seeing it on Facebook.

The results speak for themselves and no business wants to be left behind in the digital age - that's why video marketing is a must!

What will my videos be about?

That's what we'll learn together in our first meeting. We'll really learn your audience - find out what they really want to see from your brand and business.


Our goal is to create valuable communication between you and your consumers, and build a honest community to bring trust and authority to your brand.


Some ideas to think about are potential topics of interest that your audience may relate to in their 'real-world' life. Topics should encourage them to comment, questions and discuss right there on your post - driving traffic directly to you!


Offering helpful advice, how-to's, hints and tips about your product or service is a great start, but don't worry, this is what we're here for! Our marketing strategy includes finding out all this nitty gritty details and making sure you make the most out of your content package.

What if I need more services, like website creation, SEO or social media management?

We've got you covered!

We can provide full services to boost your online presence entirely. We have fantastic partnerships with some of the most talented and trusted SEO and website tech houses in Australia for this specific need.

We told you we were a full end-to-end powerhouse! ;)


Hit us up! We're happy to help!

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