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Meet Imogen & Billy.

Imogen Ross

Billy Rokos

Imogen has been working as film and commercial director for the past 7 years for Australian productions and international projects across the Asia-Pacific region, North America and Europe.

She reached film success with her recent dramatic short 'Absit' (2019) which was sold to AMC Network's Shorts TV channel in the US. Dubbed as the next 'Terence Malick' (Paul Busetti - Rogue Cinema), her passion strongly lies in vivid storytelling for captivated audiences.


With a lengthy CV, producing over 500 commercial campaigns in the last 3 years, she has substantial experience producing large, multi-faceted productions for high level clients and events.

As a member of the prestigious Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS), Billy has been working as a film and commercial director of photography for the past 8 years.


Billy's drive and passion for filmmaking exploded into life when he won 'Best Cinematographer' in SFS Festival in 2015, and his career catapulted into the commercial sphere developing brand strategies for major international brands such as Lotus Cars.


With an extensive CV, forming creative strategies for prestigious global brands and artists, he has specialised experience catering for reputable commercial and film campaigns.

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