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Got talent?
Get it on screen.

Work with true industry filmmakers to create stunning showreels that would belong in a real movie scene.

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Not sure where to start?

We provide free strategy calls to all actors who need a little guidance with their reel. 

In this call we will begin to understand your branding as an actor, provide scene and marketing recommendations based on our years of experience in the casting room, and most importantly focus on how to diversify your reel so you book the gig every time!

Why choose Neon Black?

We're filmmakers at heart. We'll capture your showreel scenes with emotion and beautiful camera work with our amazing RED EPIC-X DRAGON 6K cinema camera, large range of cinema lenses, lighting and equipment for a crisp and professionally polished film production.


With a team of AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) and ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) membered, industry professionals you'll receive advice, direction and strategy from a collective group with years of experience in commercial and narrative productions.

Suss out our commercial work here.

Film Clapboard


Your professional mentors in your showreel process is the founder of Neon Black Pictures - Billy Rokos and his team.


Filming Location

Billy is a member of the prestigious Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) and has been working as a film and commercial Director of Photography for the past 8 years with a plethora of awards and nominations under his belt, including 'Best Cinematographer' at the SFS Festival in 2015. With a diverse range of experience shooting star studded talent such as Grant Denyer (Family Feud, Deal or No Deal) and Lara Cox (Kangaroo Jack, Home and Away), Billy has the skills to nurture your performance with constructive direction that will push you to create your best work in a comfortable set environment and opportunities for multiple takes.

Alongside Billy, you will have the opportunity to work with some of Australia's most experienced producers, grips, hair and makeup artists, gaffers, production designers and camera assistants - not only providing you with the highest quality showreel but also an unparalleled networking experience in a supportive environment.


Little fish.

  • Free strategy call

  • Type casting and marketing plan

  • 2x showreel scenes

  • 2-3 minute showreel with colour grading 

  • Rehearsals on set

  • Cinema lighting

  • Shoot in studio and/or on location

  • Latest cinema cameras and gear with 6K resolution

  • Picture edit, colour grading and sound mix

  • Two locations and looks to show your diversity and range 

includes GST

Package One

Most popular with professionals!

  • Free strategy call

  • Type casting and marketing plan

  • 2x showreel scenes

  • 2x monologue scenes

  • 2-3 minute showreel with score and colour grading 

  • All 4 scenes edited professionally and packaged individually for your use

  • Rehearsals and chemistry workshopping on set

  • Cinema lighting

  • Shoot in studio and/or on location

  • Latest cinema cameras and gear with 6K resolution

  • Picture edit, colour grade and sound mix

  • Multiple lightning, location and looks to show your diversity and range 

Big fish.

Package Two

includes GST

  • Free strategy call

  • Type casting and marketing plan

  • Up to 4x showreel scenes

  • Up to 3x monologue scenes

  • 2-5 minute showreel with score and colour grading 

  • All scenes edited professionally and packaged individually for your use

  • Rehearsals and chemistry workshopping on set

  • Cinema lighting

  • Custom set building PLUS shooting in studio and/or on location

  • Latest cinema cameras and gear with 6K resolution

  • Picture edit, colour grade and sound mix

  • Multiple costumes and looks provided

I ain't no fish!

Custom package

Compare our packages.

Actor reel packages.jpg

Yes! We can do custom packages.

We know you're you may be hungry for more options and elements to add to your showreel package, and that's why we're always happy to design a showreel to suit your career goals and budget.

Contact our team and choose additional services including but not limited to: headshots, set building, celebrity casting, script workshopping, costume design, production design, animation, green screen and CGI, animal and crowd wrangling, armoured sets, fight choreography and so much more!

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So what comes next?

You've read this far so you're probably keen to know what happens when you enquire with us.



Once you've chosen a package, you'll be re-directed to a sign up page (no payment required) and our team will get in touch to organise a call to get to know you, your acting style and career goals. If you need a hand deciding on a package, we can help with that too!



We'll set up your account and obtain a monetary deposit  from you (taken off the final amount of the package) and begin pre-production for your showreel shoot!



Now this is the exciting part! Our creative crew will begin production and shoot on a location and time of your preference. This is your time to show off and shine in a supportive and constructive environment.



Once we've shot your reel, we'll begin a pretty straight forward post-production process. We'll edit, colour grade and add a sound mix to make it a sleek reel. Of course, we'll get your stamp of approval before final payment.


What kind of scene should I choose?

How do I find a script?

There are an incredible amount of sources on the internet and in local bookshops to find excellent scenes and scripts that provide the perfect translation onto screen. When you sign up with us, we'll send you links to the best resources we know for finding quality scenes.

We recommend going with a film, tv show or theatre scene that you connect deeply with and admire. Make sure it suits your performance style, range and is realistic to shoot - no Gravity scenes guys, there's only one Sandra Bullock!

Do I need to bring my own scene partner?

How do I find one?

Yes you will need to provide your own scene partner(s) for your scenes unless you've purchased a casting element (which we're happy to discuss) to your showreel package.

We have a giant network of actors that we've either collaborated with or hired who would love to come back as scene partners. If you want to venture out on your own, there are a stack of Facebook community groups that you can reach out to and will be sure to have A LOT of responses. We can give you the names of our favourite groups once you sign up!

How long does it take to receive my showreel?

You will receive your draft reel within 5 business days of shooting. 
If you're happy with it great! We will do the final mix and grade and send it to you within another 3 business days.

If you end up wanting changes, that's totally cool too. We'll need a few business days to action your request and this timeframe will depend on the kind of changes you ask.

If my scene partner agrees, can we split the cost of the showreel?

Of course! We can even make sure you both have equal screen time at your request.

If you'd like two different versions of the same reel, this can be done, but we'll charge you the post-production fee.

What if I can't afford the showreel cost all at once?

We feel you.

We have interest-free payment plans just for this reason and will create a customised pay-back suited to your needs and situation. We feel strongly that no-one should have to miss out on pursuing their dreams due to financial hardship and we hope this payment method can help those of you who need it.

What equipment will I work with?



(Full studio kit)


800W Red heads

LED panels

Tungsten fresnel

Reflectors and diffusers

Blacks and cutters

Collaboration with industry gaffers

Lights ranging from ARRIMAX 18K to Dedo 150W


ZOOM H1n sound recorder

Rode Wireless Go radio lapel kit

Sennheiser shotgun microphone

Rode boom pole

Deadcat and blimp

XLR cables

Internal camera sound recording available

(3X) handheld microphones with flag mounts

ADR voiceover recording booth

Lenses & Accessories

SIGMA Cine Zoom PL kit

18-35mm T2. 50-100mm T2


Carbon fibre slider

Camera tripods

Camera shoulder rig

Light stands

Collaboration with industry grips

Cinema dolly and tracks

Jibs and cine cranes


Neon Black Pictures post-production suite

2019 Mac Pro

8K RAW workflow capable

(3X) cinema calibrated monitors

Studio audio monitors


Hit us up! We're happy to help!

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