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We inspire connections between brands and audiences through honest and bold video content.

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About us.

Neon Black Pictures is a film and commercial production company based in Sydney, Australia. We create vibrant collaborations between talented people and iconic brands. We design, shape, create and rarefy engaging video content that delivers tangible results for brands.
We are focused, authentic, daring and adventurous.

We welcome a challenge!

Founders of Neon Black, Imogen Ross and Billy Rokos, are creative and driven professionals dedicated to producing dynamic visuals and captivating stories with artists and crews of the highest calibre.

Imogen leads production and creative direction, and Billy leads cinematography and brand strategy.

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You're in good company.

We work with major international brands to local small businesses in the suburbs.
No matter your story, if it compels us we'll capture it.

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Our services.


We conceptualise, write and storyboard. Our creative team will paint a picture of your production that sits neatly and effectively within your goals. 


We're filmmakers at heart. We'll capture your story with emotion and enthralling camera work with our cinema grade cameras, lenses, lighting and equipment for crisp and detailed video production.


Here is where your story really comes together.
We'll start shaping and refining the small unique details that rarefy your production into an unforgettable and successful video experience.


We provide marketing and distribution strategy so your final production gets seen by audiences who are key for your success.
We'll work closely with your marketing team to develop the best approach for socials, online and broadcast brand circulation; including theatre releases and VOD advice for films and TV.

We'll get to the heart of your story.


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Level 2 (above Bridgestone)

152 Parramatta Rd,


NSW 2048

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